About Us

I'm Matt, and I started Motorcycle Revival in  2019. I have always had a keen interest in engineering and anything mechanical, and after a career in IT came to an end, I decided to set up on my own.

This all started as I like to buy unloved, non running motorcycles, and save them. I have been doing this in my spare time for years, and now the opportunity has come to do this full time.

I also like to tinker with the odd car, lawn mower, or anything else with an engine for that matter.

I usually have a few bikes in stock, please see the Current Stock.

If you have something old and unloved that you want brought back to life, please give me a call. 

I also buy motorcycles, if you would like me to give you a price on any machine, please ask.

I work from my home garage, not a commercial premises, which enables me to keep costs very reasonable, why not call for a quote?

For your peace of mind,  please note that all sales are covered by the UK Sale of Goods Act. For motorcycles under 10 years old, I am happy to offer a full refund if you are not happy within the first month, subject to fair use.

For older motorcycles, a full refund would be on offer within the first week, if you are not satisfied.

Please also note that any purchaser of a motorcycle with a carburetor is expected to understand the basics of running such a bike, and that carb tuning is an ongoing chore that must be done on the bike. The worst thing is to not use it!!!

I will not sell a motorcycle I have not ridden myself and that I am not happy with.

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